Our Core Values

God′s Word

The Word of God, the Bible, contains God’s special revelation for his people. The Bible is the ultimate authority when it comes to matters of faith and morality.


Just as God loves people, we love people by coming alongside them in their faith journey. Through our personal relationships we share in each other’s burdens, joys, and sorrows.

A Servant′s Heart

We show Christ’s love to others by humbly, generously, and sacrificially giving of our time, talents, and resources to meet the needs of others in our church and in our community.

Life Transformation

We celebrate the opportunity to take part, by sharing the Gospel, in God’s calling of the believer to turn away from sin and become a new creation in Jesus Christ.

Reliance on the Holy Spirit

We actively seek the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit as we interact with people, serve others, and share the Gospel.

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